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Firstly, to know how much candle fragrance to use you need to know the fragrance load of your candle wax first. Soy wax can typically hold more than paraffin wax, and some soy wax can hold up to 12% with additives. The normal and most common pure Soy load is between 6%-10%, or up to 1.6oz of fragrance oil per 1lb of wax.

After picking your wax, and you know how much fragrance oil percentage it can handle you have to calculate to the amount of wax you will use. For this tutorial we will use between 6% to 10% Fragrance Oil and GW-464. please note candles are made using weight and not volume, even the fragrance oil is calculated this way. In addition using more than the recommended oil load can cause your candle to ignite.


There are many types of wicks, all designed to have unique properties. We recommend you use our candle-making tool to determine the proper wick.

Calculating your wax and fragrance oil is really simple, all you need is this formula:

(Net weight)/(100%+(desired fragrance load))=Wax weight needed

Net Weight-Wax weight= Fragrance oil needed.

This formula works for both ounces and grams, we personally recommend you use grams as the calculations will be more precise.

Lets make our first candle

What you will need

What you will need

  • Kitchen Scale to weigh your wax and fragrance oil

  • Food thermometer to see your wax temperatures

  • Pouring Pitcher CD 8 6"

  • pre-tabbed Wick

  • Wick Stickers

  • Wick holder 464

  • Soy Wax: 1lb

  • Fragrance Oil: 1.6oz

  • 8 oz. Jelly Jar: 3

The method we will use today is called the "Double boiler method". google it for more info.

1) place your 1 pound of wax on your pitcher, and let it reach 185 F, once your temperature has to reach 185 remove from heat.

2) add your fragrance oil between 180 F-185 F in order for it to mix well with the wax. stir the wax and oil gently for 2 minutes

3) let's let the wax cool down to 135 F, and while the wax cools prepare your jars.

4) simply use the sticker, and place it under the wick tab, next place the wick in the center of the jar and press hard.

5) once your wax has cooled to 135 F, stir for 30 seconds and pour slowly into the jars. The wax should start to look cloudy. Each jar will hold around 5.86 oz of wax.

6) secure your wicks on the holders, and place them in a place away from wind drafts from Fans, windows, doors, or AC units. let cool for 5-8 Days and light it up.

Problems that may occur & solutions

1. Tops are not smooth!

The first thing you can do to create smooth tops is to heat the jars to 120 F before pouring. If sinkholes occur use a heat gun to smooth them out. lastly you can cover jars with a cardboard box to prevent any side of the candle from cooling unevenly.

2. Candle is not melting all the way!

let your candle burn for 2 hours and see how far is the melt pool. Soy wax had a memory, and if you don't let it reach the edge it will start tunneling afterwards. If it persists increase the wick size by 1.

more coming soon*