Scent Load Calculator 

1) The desired weight will be the total weight of your candle, not including the container. (16 oz candle)

2)FO ratio (%) is normally between 6%-10%, adding more can cause fire, of your candle will not smell as strong as you have hoped for.

3) Number of candles is the number of candles you wish to make. 

A simple tool to help you find the perfect wicks, calculate your fragrance loads, and product pricing break down. Now with Includes a Printable Recipe tracking Sheet.

SoyCute candle making tools

Here at SoyCute, we have developed a useful scent load calculator tool to help you in your candle-making process. This tool can be used by candle makers of all kinds, from beginners to masters. We hope you find this useful in your candle-making adventures. If you are just starting your business simply download the sheets, however if you need the sheets to increase production please buy! Thank you for all your support and remember to STAY CUTE!

Candle making spreadsheet, wicking, wax, fragrance load calculator, and Printable Recipe Template 

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